Misophonia driving me up the wall

I cannot STAND my cat licking himself, its 24/7 and i find myself becoming seriously enraged and have to turn the hoover on until hes done or leaves the room, it stops my studying, ive missed handing in reports because I became distracted and filled with anxiety and its exhausting. I recently have been getting so pissed like i know its something a cat does, its natural, but my thoughts go like "he's looking at me then doing it, hes doing this shit on purpose", "is there a need???????" "Why the f**k would something need to lick itself every waking hour of its life!!!" and "is his damn mouth not sore already". I actually put him out of the living room and i can hear him behind the door in the hall doing it.

Seriously, it is like the most fucking ANNOYING sound to me. Its like nails on a chalk board irritatiing to me. If I was ever sent to hell, that is what Id be subjected to the rest of my existence.

Please dont be rude until you have atleast a Tiny bit of knowledge of my suffering. I dont want to be this irritated over something so irrational but i cant help it. I just dont feel normal 😓
EDIT: i got the cat for myself but we didnt connect, hes my first ever cat and ive grew up around dogs so i didnt know how to be around him and my fiancé and him are glued at the hip. Getting rid of him isnt an option unless i lose my fiancé too lol