Miracles with no scientific explanation?

First let me say that I'm not Atheists. I believe in God 100%. With that being said I am not here to judge nor discriminate people in any way or form. I am here just to see different views and opinions. And just how I show my respect for everyone's choices I would like the same in return. 
I am also not here to push God or religion on anyone. 
So I've seen multiple posts about everything has a scientific explanation for example "pregnancy" and I also saw a post about not leaving your baby in "Gods hands" And leaving him with a professional. 
I would just like to share my story and maybe you all can share your opinions and views. 
So after I had my son I got really sick with Necrotizing Pancreatitis. 
Now according to Doctors and their knowledge I was pretty much dead to them. They gave up on me and told my mother that because of the level of necrosis there was nothing they could do for me. They clearly told her to start planning my funeral. And I in the middle of being on morphine and dilaudid for 4 months straight I prayed and asked God to please heal me and to let me get back home to my child. So yes in my belief I'm a walking miracle and even my doctors cried and hugged me when I left the hospital. I kid you not one of my doctors was Atheist and when he saw me leaving he told me that I gave him hope and that I had opened a door for him that was shut. 
I'm not saying he started believing in God but he did grow some type of faith towards something. Towards the end of my stay he would stay in the room while my family prayed around me. He no longer would leave and didn't seemed annoyed from it. And no I didn't see this I was pretty much out of it all. He clearly told me all of this. It now has been 4 yrs and every time I run into him he calls me "his miracle patient" 
So what I want to know is who or what do you turn to when Science leaves you hanging? What do think of "miracles" that have no scientific explanation?