So over this.

I am 38 weeks and 2 days. I am so over being pregnant. I am jealous of all the mums due in May who have had their babies early. I'm due on the 3rd of May, 12 looooong days left. I don't think I can do this anymore. The pain is unbearable. I can't walk, I can't sit, I can't lay, I've had enough.

I don't see any point of going to my midwife or consultant appointments anymore. I don't see the point of being active and walking. I am so miserable from the pain that I cry every single day, from the pain.

I have hemmaroids, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome, babys head is so low my vagina is aching, my hip bones feel like they are broken, my pelvis hurts and my legs hurt. My whole body is aching. I am fed up. I want this baby out. To top everything off, my husband has only been with me for the first two months of my pregnancy. I am so lonely and upset.

I don't know what to do :'(