I took Zyrtec D by mistake I'm worried!!!

So I have been battling terrible allergies and fought hard to not take anything but it seems my allergies are taking a turn for the worse and leading toward blocked sinuses which always leads to a sinus infection for me. I called my dr and she told me Zyrtec is fine to take. So I went to my pharmacy and got some and took it immediately (like I said, I feel like death!). Well only after taking it did I realize that it is Zyrtec-D, which also contains a nasal decongestant. I just read about it online and it said that Zyrtec D has not yet been classified by the FDA as a safe pregnancy medication as nasal decongestants can constrict blood vessels and lead to issues for the baby. I'm freaking out that I could have potentially hurt my baby. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow. I am gonna call my dr first thing in the morning to make sure it's okay. Has anyone else been in this situation?