This is TOTALLY OFF TOPIC, but please send prayers

Long story short !
    My grandmother was diagnosed late February with Leukemia which was in 53% of her blood stream! Immediately started Chemo on March 5. For 7 days straight. She did well until her second day post chemo! She now cant pass a BM or Pee, she has Jaundice. She had fluid on lungs, Shes had multiple blood transfusions. Shes had a nose bleed for hours uncontrollable intil they replenished her platelets to thicken her blood!  Nausia, not eating or drinking. Miserable and sick and drained. Its 15 days into the process and 8 days post chemo! Bone marrow test on monday an got resultls today, to hear she didnt reapond! Not like they wanted her too! It killed some percent but not all so she has a few options!! 
     Because That 1st chemo didnt work! She needs another so heres her 3 options. 
One more stronger chemo with 30-40% of killing it all  but her new symptoms can potentially be fatal afterwards ontop the ones she already has from the first one!
or a small chemo injection with 15% of killing the rest. Longer life projected beacuse of the less symptoms shell get
or just do nothin an have aprox 4 months left
    This is heartbreaking. Im so not worried about TTC at all anymore yet this would be great news for her! 
  Please send a prayer! She is 71 may i add its taking a tole on her!