Reading comments on another post and I'm so heated. We all have had body image issues at some point in our lives. Well, the majority of us. If a woman is feeling self conscious about her body changing it DOES NOT mean she is ungrateful for being pregnant and it does NOT mean she isn't grateful for a healthy baby. If you jump all over a woman looking for support about the changes her body is making then maybe you should join a different group that better suits your needs. You don't know what another woman has gone through. Somethings people don't like to mention or put out there. Just because you have had miscarriages doesn't mean that someone who is having body image problems with their body's changes due to pregnancy has NEVER had an issue with their pregnancies or has never experienced loss or infertility etc. It doesn't mean that she isn't "accepting" of thèse changes either. You can't jump all over a woman who is self conscious and expect to look like a decent human being. The woman may have had body issues LONG before becoming pregnant so it doesn't mean she didn't know what to expect. Some people are just not going to be happy with their bodies until it looks like what they want it to look like. Myself included. Body shaming, eating disorders, pregnancy, whatever it is that is bothering a fellow woman you SHOULD NOT talk to her like she is an ungrateful child.