Abnormal period!! Help!!

So the weirdest thing is happening with my body. On the 12th I had the lightest period I've ever had. I only really had to wear a liner. This is very weird for me because I'm usually irregular when it comes to that so they usually come full force. Not only having a super light period. I wasn't really "irregular" this time to say the least. My last period was March 10th. And it's been a very longggg time since I've had a period this close together. Well tonight when I was using the restroom I had a small clot pass. I'm kinda nervous because I've never had those. And I'm not cramping or hurting at all. My SO thinks I could be pregnant. But I'm not sure what to think. I haven't tested because I just got off my "period" so I didn't think to test.  Has anyone ever had this before and ended up being pregnant or anyone else have some advise or answers? Thank you!