Kyla • Young mum of a precious little girl

I keep having these dreams that i'm having a baby girl. I will literally dream of me holding "my" baby sometimes shes like nearly a year old and i can vaguley remember in some dreams someones telling me its a girl! Before i found out i was pregnant i would dream of a baby girl, only one time i dreamt of a boy. But its weird because my pregnancy was not planned. I pretty much found out i was pregnant by a dream because in a dream i took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I woke up that morning and went to the shop to get one. Tested positive straight away. Idk but my dreams are so realistic. Half the time i dont even know i am dreaming.

Has anyone had such so real dreams?

Or actually dreamt of the gender of their baby before they found out?

I'm nearly 10 weeks and a FTM.