Funny thing happened

So my husband and my son was sitting in the dinning room drawing pictures together ( btw my son is my husbands step son). They were having a conversation about something I didn't exactly hear the whole conversation but I knew it was something about me. I told my husband as I was walking by to bring the laundry I folded and put them away when he got the chance. My son looked at my husband and said "dad you should do it now or mommy is going to get mad" then my husband goes "mommy isn't the boss of me" then my son goes "... shhhh don't let her hear you or we will both get in trouble. Mommy is the boss in this house. I don't want to get in trouble" so get gets up from the table and helps bring the clothes up stairs and I stood there the whole time watching the two of them with the laundry going "mmhm I thought so"