26wk preg, went out of town, husband spent bill $ on whores

I'm absolutely devastated right now. I put that sorry ass son of a bitch out of my house. I went out of town last weekend to go on a job interview as my husband and I have been looking for jobs in a new city to be closer to my parents because they are willing to help with child care. As I was going out of town my husband told me his old friend from graduate school was coming into town on a business trip and asked if he could stay at our house. This is the same friend he used to run around at strip clubs with when they were in school, but he is now married with a child so I thought maybe he had matured. I thought my husband matured. I come home after my trip and all is well but we were arguing about a few things...mostly finances and me asking him to do a few things while I was gone that's didn't get done. We had bills due on the 15th and I usually cover the bills and he gives me his half in cash. Because I was out of town he put it in my account. I noticed that what he put in my account was maybe 1/3 of what our bills were. I asked him where the rest of the money was and he said his check was short and he had to pay me back next week. That didn't sit right with me. Something told me last night to check my husbands phone. I go through his groupme and found a video he posted. It was him sitting on the couch at my house with two girls next ton him. One was laying down on the couch while the other was butt naked on top of her and they were rubbing their vaginas together, then they switch positions and the one that was on the bottom is now on top and climbs over to his lap. The video then cuts off. All his friends in the group were giving him props and asking if they could come over. I think found text messages between him and his friend that was visiting about trying to get percosets for the girls because it would make the night more interesting and my husband telling him to tell the girl he was cheating on his wife with to bring a friend....a few hours later his friend texts him touchdown (meaning I fucked her) and my husband saying lets goooo (meaning great job). I'm devastated. Last night I was very distant and left he house for an hour at 2am to just clear my head. I didn't tell him why I was upset until today. Iwanted  to be able to have some time to be rational. I am 6+ months pregnant. My job is soon closing, and he is going to have to leave his job soon too in a few months. This baby is coming whether we are ready or not. I just had a paycut due to budget issues at my job. We can barely pay our bills as is,  and here he is throwing money in this video at worthless whores to get his dick hard. He hasn't touched me in three months. But here he is having women grinding vaginas, then coming over to him. All behind my back. I checked his bank statements and he made several hundred dollars in withdraws and spent another couple hundred dollars for a studio session he told me cost only $100 (he's a musical artist as well). I finally confronted him about why I upset today and at first he denied it...that is until I started telling him details about what I knew. He then started to apologize over and over about how he hurt his family. I told him to get his shit and get the fuck out of my house. What kind of man leaves his very pregnant wife to fend for herself paying bills while he spends all his money on cheap whores, liquor and God knows what else?? I am crushed. I feel like I have been carrying his weight and it is finally starting to crush me. What would you do?