A glimmer of hope

At age 42 ttc #1 has not been an easy journey. Hypothyroidism, stressful situations and my husband's severe back problems (including surgery) have been challenges on this road. We've been married for 10 months and have desired to have a child from the beginning. Today this gives me a glimmer of hope that God has answered our hearts desires. 
(Above photo is slightly filtered for contrast. Photo below is unfiltered.)
I know it is only a vvvf line but to us it is a great glimmer of hope! 
Please, if you're a woman (or man) of prayer, pray that God would carry this pregnancy to completion and that this child would be an awesome testimony of His greatness. 
Praying for you all you ladies. 
Update: looks like the line is getting darker. Here's the test (unedited photo) from this morning:
Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. 😊