Sorry not sorry!

Lynzee • 25, military wife. Mommy to a toddler and expecting a new addition in July 2016!

This is me today! It seems like nothing is going right, today especially. Our tv is broken- not a huge deal. But please tell me how a 29 week pregnant lady is supposed to get a 55" down off of the wall, get it in the car, pack up the toddler and make the 30 min drive to Best Buy. We pay for geek squad but the soonest they can come out is May 4th. It's April 23rd today. 😒

(my husband is deployed and can't do it.)

Edit: since we pay for geek squad I have to let them try to fix it first, if they can't then they'll order a new one. 😖

P.s- obviously I'm not drinking...