Two days ago my boyfriend and I announced we were having a boy on facebook. The second comment was from his ex girlfriend. Yesterday, when I got off work in his truck there is blankets on the seat and I thought he had bought them. It turns out while I was at work he went for a "walk" and just happened to run into her and she happened to have those blankets in the back of her car because she babysits.  I am so mad because first he thinks I'm so stupid to believe they just run into each other and secondly he was nonchalant about the whole thing!!! When I asked him when was the last time they talked he said it had been a few years so I said let me see your phone and they last messages were from August. I'm sure he deleted the textmessages. I said I would think about the whole situation but I can't trust him anymore. Now every time I'm at work I'm gonna be thinking about them hanging out together.