Breastfeeding problems!

My son is 5 days old. About 2 days ago my milk came in and now he can't or won't latch. Before that he had a great latch no issues at all. Idk what I am doing wrong here, I thought maybe it was because my breasts are so unbelievably engorged right now he can't get a grip, but even after pumping some first he'll suck two or three times and then just quit. So I'm pumping every 2-3 hours which is exhausting because I'm currently using a handpump since my electric still hasn't gotten here. And an hour after I pump they're full again. I'm seriously ready to give up. He needs to eat so I'm not going to do the "wait till he's hungry enough" crap. But at the same time I'm afraid he's not going to want the breast at all if I have to keep using bottles. Do you ladies have any suggestions as to what I can do to help her latch again, because I am so exhausted and frustrated right now I'm about to melt down.