Express yourself with Glow Stickers!


(If you can’t see the sticker above, please go to App Store or Play Store and upgrade to the latest version!)


+What are Glow Stickers?+

Glow Stickers are an oh-so-fancy way to express yourself in Glow Community. Want to sprinkle some baby dust on your cycle buddy? Drop a Yass! on last night’s sexcapades? Complain how those jeans don’t fit over your baby bump? Get Glow Stickers and make your posts next level.


+How can I get them?+

The first sticker pack is free for you to use right now! Try adding a sticker to any of your posts! While you’re at it, check out all of the other packs available for $0.99 a pack. Or subscribe to Premium to get ALL the stickers!


+If I'm a premium user, do I have to purchase stickers?+

Nope! Because you’re already Premium, you get ALL the stickers for free. Well, at least as long as you are a Premium member ;) But why wouldn’t you want to stay fancy?


+When I purchase a sticker pack , how long do I have to use it?+

Forever and ever! They’re yours for life.


+How come I don’t see an option for stickers yet?+

Be sure to update your app! All <a href="">Glow apps</a>, including <a href="">Eve</a>, will have stickers very very soon.


+How can I use stickers?+

Add them to a post or comment! Go ahead and announce that BFP, drop that SMH, or shout that TMI!


Check out all the cool stickers in the comment section below. Glow stickers speak your language ;)