Formula for baby reflux?

What kind of formula should I use for reflux that has seemed to work for you? My LO doesn't spit up, it's silent. But definitely the most cranky baby ever to feed! 
So what formula has worked for you? Something that is cost effective as well? Doctor suggested a formula that was called Similac Alimentum due to her having reflux but that is for a food allergy and colic? I haven't even bought any because it's super pricey and doesn't seem like that's what I would use for reflux? 
Anyone have any insight?
Update: we had two tests done. Doctor had to look down LO throat with a camera and saw that there was damage done by the acid coming back up. Doctor was finally able to pinpoint that it's indeed acid reflux and going to add another medication! We are currently playing around with formulas to see which one she responds to best. It's going to take some trial and error but anything to make LO feel better!!