Picking your Gender 💙💖

Did anyone try any of the methods that are suppose to help you convince a girl/boy? If so which ones and did it work.. I have 3 girls and wanted a BOY, I looked up how to convince a boy & some of the things I read were to funny to be true...Like have ur partner eat chocolate and drink a soda so the caffeine can boost the boy sperm to shoot out faster 😂 Some were really technical 🤔 & required way to much 😩 & some were straight and to the point..EX: For a girl it's missionary & boys is 🐶 style.. Well I tried the more simple version and low and behold 🤗 I got a BOY 💙 Now IDK if it was by chance or if the simple version actually worked lol either way I'm happy with the outcome.. What about you?