I really like this guy and I have been with him for around 2 months. He is a nice guy from inside and out, I told my parents about him and they said I'm too young for being in a relationship (I'm 14), and they said they don't want me to be with a stranger and I really love him and he loves me too, we re in a long disntance relationship for now, and he is coming tomorrow for the first time to see me, I wanna see him aooooo badly, but I can't because my parents won't let me 😫, I have to find a way to go see him without parents knowing , I know this is really had, but what would u guys do if u loved someone so much and parents didn't allow to be with him?? I think he is perfect for me and I won't like anyone else but him, I talked to him abt this and he understands, and he said he didn't want me to get I trouble, I don't know what to do!! I wanna see him tomororw, but how????