Anything šŸ˜”

So I've been on and off with this guy for about 2 years. He comes in and I let him in and then he fucks it up by treating me badly. I know I deserve better. He slept with my ex best friend. She said he wouldn't even kiss her when she was sleeping with him. And recently I was getting over a break up so I slept with him. A week later he leaves for boot camp. Sleeping with him was comfortable...he kissed me and we would giggle and all of those things. But then when I got mad at him about another girl he ran to her and started talking to her after he told me he was done being screwed over by her. I'm confused in the sense that why always come back and apologize just to fuck up again? Why were you into it when doing it with me and not when you slept with her? I just don't get it. Is it because he's scared of commitment? I just don't understand him!Ā