Broke up with him!!

Morena • Being the best me I can be !!!

So my live in BF and I just broke up and you know is over when it doesn't even face you. Don't get me wrong I know it will fit but honestly I was so unhappy for long time I think this was for the best.

He suffers from depression and self-esteem issues and honestly he is exhausting more then I can handle. All this together mix with him being controlling & serverly jealous I'm to the point I can't even breath. It didn't matter where we went supermarket, landurmat, mall ext.. he will constantly accuse me of looking at other man when I wasn't. The cutting point was when he started to mention suicide in front of my daughter and make stupid comments in front of her. Done !!

I know it will get messy like all break ups are but it can't get worst then now. I haven't been able to see my family in months because he controls my every move