Need helpful advice please leave negative comments to yourself since you do not know my situation, thank you :)

So I'm about 33 weeks pregnant, and it's probably been at least 6 weeks since my last appointment because I ran into some unfortunate circumstances and lost my insurance and went through hell and finally got some through the state. However in the time I haven't had it, I have moved and completely changed my birthing preferences. I realize that this late in the pregnancy it's dumb to think I'll find a midwife that will take me. But ive called the hospital and am yet to hear back from them about anything..should I just go into L&D and get a checkup and let them figure it out from their since its been so long since I've seen a doctor? should I wait and see if they can schedule me an appointment with a midwife? Or should I just wait till I go into labor since I'm so far along and just go to the hospital at that time?