I'm making this post because I know there are others than just myself experiencing extreme depression and having nobody to go to too talking about it..

I would like you guys to share your stories and you pain on this post no matter how bad it could be..

Please no rude comments, this post is to build eachother up because depression is a extremely hard thing to deal with..

My depression started about 8 years ago when my father left me at 10 years old trying to figure out how my dad could walk out on me after showing me how much I could be loved by a man... it slowly became worse over the years losing everybody I have cared about.. nobody seemed to understand my acting out or why I had become distant .. to this day I am still misunderstood crying for hours before I go to sleep at night ... my depression became extremely worse at the beginning of 2016.. When once again my father told me to get out of our home because his addict girlfriend did not like me.. moving back into my mother's with my SO ... to only a week later being arrested on unrelated charges while on a beach vacation with him to find out I'm pregnant and getting out of jail to my mother telling me he can not come around anymore.. The last 3 months have been torture.. my relationship has fallen apart, my SO is more so my worst enemy and I never thought that would happen from someone who was once my best friend and more... I get cheated on and lied to .. humiliated.. embarrassed... harassed by other females.. and I have one person to be able to talk to about anything ( my best friend ) who has a life of her own ... I am at my lowest point in life ... I'm in my 2nd trimester with no family, my SO gone... 1 friend .. and a lifetime of depression in 8 short years.

I would just like to keep this post open for anyone that might need to vent or need to reach out .. because I know how depression feels like.