Emotional Abuse

I recently got out of what I am now realizing was an emotionally abusive relationship. When I was with him I tried so hard to focus on the few good things about him, that I pushed aside the bad things. He constantly yelled me and made me feel like a child (in front of friends, his parents, etc) telling me things I did were wrong. I paid most of the bills and it was like it was expected, and I never received a thank you, not once. He was constantly choosing porn over having sex with me and shaming me because I never initiated sex, but then when I did make the effort to initiate it he always rejected my advances. He would constantly break up with me if I did something he didn't like. He threatened to call the police on me on multiple occasions for wanting to talk to him, and always acted like I was the bad guy. He would call me names in private and in public (like bitch), and he would always say things like "fuck you" whenever he was angry, even if I wasn't the cause. If I tried to talk to him about something no matter how simple or complicated, he would always ignore it if I "made him mad". 
I have made a vow to myself to never, ever let another man treat me the way that this boy did. 
How many of you ladies have experienced an emotionally, or physically abusive relationship, and how did you pull through it and move on?