My interesting morning

Jill • 18 | high school senior | 6 months in a relationship
So my bf picked me up in the school parking lot, we went to a vacant lot, and had sex in his car. This is a pretty often thing. So he's about to finish, so he pulls out and I see blood on his penis and hands. I was like "is that...did I just...oh no" 😂 he was like "shh it's ok baby I don't care" and finished on my stomach. So I have no pads or anything bc I wasn't due for 3 days. So we go to McDonald's, he washes his hands and gets us food, and we went to the store and he went in to buy pads. But when he came back, he got liners instead that are waaaaay too light. So I had to wait until I got to school to ask my friend for a pad, and I only have one to last me the whole day. The end.