Jessenia • Jessenia 💕 1 Mc 02/17/16 💔👼🏻 Expecting Baby #2😍 Rainbow baby👶🏽 🌈❤️ Dec 2016 ❤️
Found out i was pregnant in january..went to the hospital for bladder infection..surpise yes! They told my hcg levels were in the 200s to begin with. They slowly rised up untill 960 and then dropped back to 300 when i started bleeding. I Ended up miscarrying around 6 weeks Which was in febuary..I had a natural miscarriage. No d&c needed. Then got my period the following month march 26. My
Period before i was pregnant were around the 10th of every month. But ive been having unprotected sex which were a couple times in my fertile days..Took a test april 30' and got negative.. This morning period 1 week late took a test. Any help please ? Am i pregnant? Why is it very faint?