OPK Help!? Confused!!

So Friday I took a clearblue digital ovulation test and got peak fertility. I had just got off my period thursday. I did have a miscarriage in March so maybe my ovulation cycle is thrown off idk. Anyways, I tested again yesterday just to see what it would say and it was a cirlce which means lows ovulation. Someone told me you shouldnt test after you get peak fertility cause after a high surge, it goes back down fast. So I could have ovulated and just been done when I retested yesterday, who knows lol Anyways, I tested again this morning and now I got a flashy smiley face which means High Fertility. So my question is, Do you think I really ovulated Friday-Sunday and maybe I am possibly ovulating again soon? Or could the test have been wrong friday and I will ovulate soon? I know you all may not know but I just wanted opinions please! Thank you!