Is it possible to have a healthy pregnancy while overweight?

Cassie • I am 1 in 10- PCOS fighter.
So when I went to the doc at the end of March about my TTC issues with PCOS she told me to lose 20 pounds and come back in June. She told me she will prescribe me clomid then. I haven't lost 20 pounds. It is extremely hard for me to lose weight. I've been eating healthy, exercising regularly, etc. Basically I'm treating my body as if I'm already pregnant. When I go back there next month I don't want her to just tell me "oh, you didn't lose 20 pounds so you're not going to have a healthy pregnancy and I can't prescribe you clomid". If she does say that, I want to be able to say that I know women who are overweight and have had healthy pregnancies and babies. So please share your stories!! :)