Please HELP. I need a friend right now. 😭😢

My parents are still not taking it well. And have said a LOT of hurtful things. That my kids have no future, won't go to college, that I forced the dad that doesn't want to be around,ever, to be this child's father (they don't even know him or anything about him or what the situation was). They don't believe in me. 
I told them to either accept all 3 of my kids or none at all. Clearly, they can't. Now I have no family (besides my kids) and I'm beyond upset. I can never forgive the things they said. I can't stop bawling because I'm so PISSED and angry. I REALLY want a cigarette because of how stressed out I am. I know it's not good and I'm convincing myself not to, but this makes me crave one more, to curb the stress. So I need encouragement now please. I can eventually move on but it just hurts to lose FAMILY over doing what I believe in and feel is right.