Early signs of labor?!

Miki • 24• Mommy 🏈💙• HBCU Educated 📚• Melanin Goddess
Ok. So I'm a FTM. I'm 33 weeks/4 days preggers. So today around 4 o'clock, I noticed that my pants had a slight dampness to them. I had just peed about 10 minutes before. I checked my panties just by sticking my hand in and they were wet almost like I peed on myself. I wasn't sure if it was sweat (because it's super hot in Texas), cervical mucus or my waters. Got home around 5 to see what it was. There was no pee smell and no color. Later on that night I got really bad heartburn which is normal, some nausea and the feeling that I had to poop but I didn't cuz I pooped earlier. Some cramping. Baby is head down already. No risk of pre term labor. I debated on going to get it checked out @ the hospital. Can somebody please help me understand what's going on cuz I'm kinda freaking out.