Gods Child

So my sons father is in prison and he's been there since 06 and will be getting out in sept. Of this year... So he's been nothing but disrespectful to me, in our conversations, bluntly hangs up in my face and talks to me like he has no sense.. Cusses and yells and demands and just doesn't understand me... And when it comes to our son... My son is 9 so he expresses his feelings and doesn't want to see his dad because he has not been in his life since birth as well as to how he talks to me and my son is scared of him... So to make this short.. I blocked him completely out of my phone no text no calls through my phone carrier... So he finds a way to contact me... And send me a photo of my name covered up.. Like as if that is suppose to bother me or something ... So I'm like OK good for you... So it gets real he calls and says Do You! You brought this upon yourself! You did this! You made me cover up your name! And I'm like... This is childish... I'd thought you call to ask about your son.. But your worried over a dam. Tattoo that I can care less about... That's you choice and desion... You chose to cover it that's on you... So he was like yeah I'll see when I come home and I told him... No you will not see and he was like well I don't care I want to see my son.. And I'm like your son doesn't want to see you!!! He told me his self , he's able to make his own desions.. I'm not keeping him away from you at all because he needs to know he does have a dad.. But if he doesn't want to see you then respect that!!! So he said just do you... IMA stay blocked and I said I will continue to live life and prosper and take care of my kids like I've been doing all along... It doesn't stop because your throughing a fit.... Get over yourself.... He hangs up!!!!

Venting... Here .. So to my moms out there , did I put him in his place , did I say what's right!!! Leave your comments thanks