My birth story....(detailed)

Last Monday at 37 weeks and 4 cm dialated My midwife stripped my membranes. First time I have ever had it done. I had GD and he was already measuring big so she had no problems trying to help me get labor going. She recommended castor oil, sex and lots of walking! I did 2 days worth of castor oil and lost alot of mucus plug but no real labor. Back into the midwife Thursday for an NST and she asked if I wanted her to strip again. I said sure! So Thursday at 930 am we stripped again. I didn't get my hopes up as the 3 days of castor oil and stripping didn't do much the first time. I went grocery shopping after my appointment and just went about my day. I did take one last shot of castor oil also around 1 pm. Woke up around 4 am early Friday morning with period cramps that were coming and going. Also had bloody show which she said I could expect from the stripping. I started to time them as they started to also tense my lower back up. They were lasting a minute and averaging about 5 minutes apart. But they never picked up in intensity. I wanted to mention also that I had my first anxiety attack since I had been pregnant around the same time as the contractions. I made something to eat at 5 and decided to lay back down and get some sleep, still not convinced it was real labor. So I'm laying there trying to sleep and still having contractions and during one it felt as if my baby punched me really hard! It was a popping sensation. But no big gush. At this point I decided to Go next door and wake up my neighbor/best friend and get her advice. My panties were wet but nothing huge. She convinced me to go get checked out. So I took my time packing my bag and we headed up to labor and delivery. I was still convinced I wasn't in labor and apologized profusly for bothering the nurses. They tested for amniotic fluid and surprise! It was my water breaking. I was also. Almost 5 cm when she checked. So I wasn't leaving without a baby! I got into a room and was just chilling as contractions came to a halt. My midwife came in around 11 and decided to break my water and told me to start walking! I made it 3 laps and 20 minutes after my water broke before the contractions were back with avengence! I had previously made a birth plan to have a non medicated labor. I also wanted intermittent monitoring so I would be confined to the bed. We turned the lights down low and put on soothing music and I continued into labor. Around 2 my midwife checked my progression and I was 6 1/2! Only 6 1/2! I was exhausted already and in so much pain. I was having ALL my contractions in my lower back. I got into the hot shower and labored there for a bit but honestly couldn't find a comfortable postion so went back into my room. I was on hand and knees for awhile but that didn't relieve the back labor either. At this point I wanted to give up. I was sobbing and losing myself in the pain. Contractions were hard and strong and I couldn't find relief anywhere. But I had amazing birthing coaches and my midwife didn't leave my side as I was her only patient that day. She did pressure massage with each contraction and talked me thru them when I thought I couldn't make it to another one. I closed my eyes around 8 centimeters and just dove inside my body. I could hear her talking but couldn't respond to her as me so much as saying a word hurt. It took me another 2 hours to move from 8 to 10 as I was so tense and just couldn't relax. My body started pushing on its own. I couldn't control it. I still had half a centimeter to go and was advised not to push as this could cause swelling and prolong labor even more. But pushing into that pain felt so good I didn't want to stop. It took everything in me to not push for about 30 minutes and endure the back pain again. I BEGGED FOR DRUGS. not an epidural but just a shot of pain meds for a few minutes of relief. But I was to close and it would of affected baby so I couldn't have them. I then begged for a c section so they would knock me out as I was completely, utterly and mentally done. I was convinced I would die before he came bc I just knew my body could take it anymore. But there is no other option at that point but to just go thru with it. I was back on all 4s and finally started to feel baby's head coming thru my vajay. I told my midwife I feel him it burns so bad. So my coaches had to literally pick me up and flip me over as I had no energy to move myself. Sitting up with my legs pulled back as far as my coaches could pull them I was FINALLY able to just let my body take over. And it did! With each contraction my body pushed harder than I ever thought it could. I just surrendered and followed its lead. Within 3 contractions my midwife said stop pushing, let it stretch. But my body couldn't and POP, his head came out, followed my his body 3 seconds later! He was 8 pounds 6 ounces and was born in May 6th at 615pm.. I was so happy to see my son finally but even more happy to have labor be over. I can't believe I did it natural. I had a plan, and we followed it and I had the exact birth that I wanted. I wasn't induced early, my water broke in its own and I was able to get thru the whole thing with no meds. He is absolutely amazing. As I sit here at 3 am typing this, completley exhausted but not being able to sleep, I feel like a changed person. I am strong and I can do things I never thought I could do. So all you beatutiful mommas out there, if you want a natural birth I PROMISE YOU, YOU CAN DO IT! It will be the hardest thing you do in life but the pain goes away and your left with a miracle! Thank you all for your support thruout my pregnancy. I don't believe I will delete this app anytime soon as I very much enjoy interacting and reading everyone's stories and post! Good luck to all you mommas !!!!