Last night war with my ex

I need to vent I'm still quite hurt and aggervated since last night. Advice is always nice feel free to write something. Last night my ex said he needed some help with posting two things he wanted to sell on Facebook so I went thru all the sale groups I have joined on there and posted the pics on the pages for him. Then after I did that for idk what reason I told them that I put them on there and that I said to pm him for more information. Well then we got into a discussion and well this is where I went wrong I think idk though. I finally told him how I truly felt about everything that happened between us tbh wasnt good conversation. After I told him this I told him that he had a choice into staying into our home town which he seems to think he doesn't and that he cannot stay around because too many hurtful memories which I don't get he said had nothing to do with us. Then basically I said that he was going back to his ex who I believe is a controlling and abusive but that's my opinion because of what I was told and seen. Tbh I think that's half of the reason we broke up he's in love with her. And will never let her go. Despite the fact she's in her 50',s and he's 26. And she was married to his uncle and then his uncle and her divorced. His family agrees with me it's wrong but he doesn't see it that way. I know I shouldn't hate but tbh i hate the fact he said alot and I believed all of it. Tbh I hate the fact I loved him more than anything and I thought he was the one. We were engaged to be married and everything and it all went down the drain which ended up hurting me more than him. I know I deserve better and that I cannot convince him to stay when he has other plans but I wish he would see she's not for him. She will hurt him again and I won't be there to help. The reason I say this she kicked him out before and I had my brother go get him and bring him back to our hometown. So long story cut short he blocked me for all of this and then some after I was nice and everything and I was being honest.