Nexplanon Removal!!

Hey everybody! 
I was wondering if anybody here has had either the Implanon or Nexplanon birth control implants? If so, did you have any side effects? And has anybody had them removed & experienced any side effects?
I first had the Implanon put in in 2011. I would have 29 day heavy periods with one day of rest in between for the first 3 months. Then my doctor gave me an estrogen patch which stopped my period. I had it in for 3 years, then they switched it to the Nexplanon in 2014. 
During this time, I have had really bad constant acne, I've gained about 25 pounds, and have been suffering with migraines, extreme fatigue, IBS symptoms, ovarian cysts rupturing, depression, & anxiety. I have been seen at multiple doctors and they always told me that I was fine, even though I felt miserable every day. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, & eventually started telling myself it was all in my head. 
Recently, I have been seeing people post things about the Implanon and how they were having similar symptoms. Two of my friends had it removed: one said within two weeks her acne cleared up and she lost ten pounds. The other said she felt like the dark cloud that was looming over her disappeared. I decided to get mine removed last week to see if I noticed any change. 
In the past week, I feel like I have been less tired than I usually have been. I feel like my head is clearer. But I have been having these weird cramps that kind of feel like I may have a cyst. I feel pressure on my right side when I have sex, which is kind of painful, and have been leaking clear fluid that soaks my underwear. 
Does anyone know if this is normal? I had it taken out by a primary care doctor. I asked him what to expect as far as changes in my body after removal, and he pretty much just told me I would be fine and gave me birth control pills.