Hi everyone, 
I'm in the middle of an argument with my fiancée and wanted some input from outside our relationship, would be grateful for your opinions.
He finished work early and decided to go to the pub for a drink (he says he was just having one, but I know from experience that his one often becomes a few).  Next thing I know I'm getting asked to go join them.  I'm at home trying to clean up the house and look after a sick dog, which he seems to have conveniently forgotten.  I reminded him by message that I couldn't come out, and that it would have been nice if he could have asked me first before he went commiting to a social occasion that I now look like the unreasonable one for not being able to attend.  Apparently just wanting the courtesy of a consultation before he goes out for a drink makes me creepy.  He even asked the friends he met in the pub if they had to ask "permission" and they agreed I was creepy.  I might add that he was in the pub on both Friday and Saturday too.  Is wanting to be consulted about wether your fiancée should go drinking after work (and spending our joint money) Creepy? Or is it a common courtesy to consult with the person waiting at home before commiting to a social invitation?