Baby Johnson is on its way♡

Hi, My name is Jennifer, but I perfer to be called Jen :D My Husband & I had been TTC since Jan 2016. Well and behold May 2nd we took a test & it's came out Positive, by May 3rd it was confirmed by our family Doctor :D we were 12 Dpo, ♡ I am only 5 weeks, but this isn't our first child this is our 5th :D & Last baby. Back in 2008 I had our Youngest Daughter, and was told that I wouldn't be able to have any more children, due to having ( hypo Thyroidism) well guess what?! That wasn't true, 2013 Jan we found out that we were Expecting out youngest son (Zeppelin Kelly)♡ our hearts were filled with love and joy & Happiness that we could convince! Now we get to experience 1 last Miracle before we both get fixed. We both grew up in big families, so it's a joy for us to be able to have 5 blessings :D Baby dust to all whom are TTC And I'm excited to get the know some new & Awesome people on here!♡!♡