Buying a house!

Cara • I work with dogs and I absolutely love it. I own two pitbulls and they are my whole world. But one day I`ll have kids who will also be my world :)
Hello all my boyfriend and I have been together 6 years were going to be 27 this year and we are planning to buy our first home together! We've rented and had apartments together but we have moved back in with our parents to pay off debt and save money. Its really hard not seeing each other everyday because we live an hour away from eachother him with his mom abf me with my dad. We've been through a lot of financially draining issues the past couple years but now are finally in the right spot to save money for a down payment for a house and are working on our credit. We are so excited! Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to save money easy and fast or any advice for first time home buyers? Thanks in advance!