Healing from loss "week status"

Marlissa • Rainbow born 4-7-17. Angel baby 5-4-16. Hubby & I have been married since 11-1-14. Have two Pomeranian `babies`.
So it Says I'm in week 3. Technically, I'm still in week 1. 
I changed it when we found ot our baby stopped growing last Monday night. So if it said week 2, I'd understand. 
I didn't have my miscarriage until last Wednesday. 
Maybe in the future there needs to be an "experiencing loss" option. Between when you find out your baby isn't growing and you actually miscarry. Or between when you first start bleeding and actually miscarry (for some people that is weeks and weeks). 
I also don't see anywhere to change this. But while it doesn't REALLY matter, the week status comparison isn't very useful. "Other women in their 3rd week after loss" are not where I am.