Feeling rotten!

YogaMamaOm • No matter how long the rain lasts there will be a rainbow in the end 🌈 33 years old, 2 year old rainbow baby. TTC #2.

7w4d 😣 Ive been feeling rotten for couple weeks now. Nausea all day long, aversion to food entirely until I have a strong craving for something random & different each time and fatigue. Work is exhausting and I feel like I've given up on household chores. I just lay on the couch as soon as I come home from work and feel like im neglecting life! (Force myself to go to yoga a few times a week though I used to go everyday!)

Is this really gonna last another month or so!??

Feeling so blessed to have my little rainbow but cant wait to get past this first trimester!

Blessings to all you ladies out there!