Just off birth control!

Jaime •
Hi ladies! So 2 weeks ago I got my nexplanon taken out a year early. Hubbs and I are planning on starting a family! YAY! My doc got me a prescription for bc pills but I only took them for like 5 days. After reading up I probably shouldn't have stopped taken them so fast but I did so oh well. I'm on day 4 of what I THINK is a withdrawal bleed. But after my last period on my Nexplanon we had sex which was my most fertile day.. my boobs are growing by the day I swear, I'm getting chubby (which my diet has been crap lately cause all I crave is junk and strawberries.. weird) but even with only taking those few days of pills is it sill possible that I could be pregnant? I have a doctors appointment on Monday but the curiosity is friggen killing me and Google has been no help LOL so hopefully tall can help?! TIA and baby dust to all TTC!! 👶💖