Will he ever forgive me?

I lied about seeing my ex and sleeping with him and my fiance took my ring and said he is done. We are 6 months pregnant and got engaged this past Christmas. He went to see some damn psychic and got a reading done and the man told him I was as faithful as he may think. So he started to bring up an old situation from when we were on a break. I finally admitted it and now he wants nothing to do with it. Before I told him he promised he wouldn't turn his back on me but once I told him he just said he can't marry me. I'm carrying his first daughter and I love him so much. I told him it was a mistake and I regret it but he doesn't believe me. What should I do? We have three months left in this pregnancy and I don't want to go through it alone. I asked if we could go to counseling and he said no. He's so hurt and upset and nothing I say is helping. I'm so lost. Do you think he will ever forgive me?