I used to get paid to have sex. Now I have issues.

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First most, I am ashamed of my past. Theres not too many things that could make me feel any worse,so please save the slut shaming. Im sharing this for ME.

Ages 19-22 I was getting paid to have sex with men. So many married men. I can promise you, I am just as disgusted by that thought as you. Especially now that Im older and getting married soon myself.

I cant trust any man. I had several 'sugar daddies' that swore up & down how much they loved their wives and never want to leave them. Most just missing sex..

BUT HOW can you love somebody,and go online and search and pay for sex with a young,naive girl. Its sick.Go back to your wife and kids like nothing happened. Its evil.

Having gone thru this,has been hard. I fear I will never trust again.

I am so lucky,to have gotten out of that life. But the darkness still lingers with me. Everyday.