Idk what to think. Please help?!?

This morning I took an OPK & A HPT because I was late, waited about 8 minutes then walked away. OPK showed a faint line, HPT I thought had a line but it was just my eyes. Negative. Came home from work, had to check them & HPT was blazing positive. Like Whoa!! Now I know you shouldn't read them past the time limit & this was way past it but it doesn't look like an evap. Take a look. Should I trust this? I've read where sometimes it is true. I mean this line is solid & way darker than my OPK line even. 
Positive test after sitting for about 8 hours. (Evap???) 
Test compared to my OPK which showed a faint line right away. 
Test compared to one with an Evap line.