Body image with your daughter(s)

The other day I was reading an article discussing body and children.
It went on to say that women will make comments about their body in front of their daughters. It might be a small thing such as touching a flabby belly and looking disgusted by it. 
Because the daughter may pick up on this and develop a negative body image for themselves. 
However it also went on to say do not discuss anything to do with body image around your daughter. Positive or negative. This includes if you see a women with a nice body don't even comment on how beautiful the women's body is. 
And if your daughter has lost weight or gained it, don't say anything. Even if you are saying that her figure looks good, if you want to make a comment say something such as "your looking very healthy and glowy". 
As they believe we shouldn't be teaching our children to judge someone (including themselves) on their body. It came across as that speaking about the appearance of someone's body should be avoided all together. Maybe focus on talents, instead of saying that a celebrity is very beautiful commenting on how smart they are.
What are your thoughts?