Boyfriend doesn't want sex anymore πŸ˜”

So my boyfriend and I have stopped having sex. I'm always the one trying to initiate sex and I always get turned down. It's starting to make me feel pathetic and that when we do have sex he only does it out of pity so it makes me not enjoy it. We used to do it Β all the time. Or he'll end up teasing me and then he stops, The other night I started something and he ended up getting sick, which I know he couldnt have helped, but what if he got sick because of the thought of being with me? Then the next night he started teasing me and we were going to do it but I had to go do something and when I came back it was like the teasing/foreplay never happened, we just went to bed. Our relationship is a normal functioning relationship otherwise. I just don't know what to do anymore I feel so shitty about myself and my insecurities are coming backΒ