Listen to the heart or the brain?

Listen to the heart or to the brain? It the question many of us have on our minds when we are torn between two things. We think about what's right and what's wrong, what would our parents and friends say, or how would we be judged by others? Right, well this is what a friend of mine is going through, at 17 she met a boy, and they fell completely in love with one another, after 2yrs of dating they broke up for some strange and stupid reason, he moved to Indiana and she stayed back home with her parents, they were forced to "move on" she got married to a nice man and he built an empire for himself there. 3 years later, they start talking again, she's going through a divorce he's going through a break up, and he tells her how much he loves her and how he would give everything up to be with her, now they both NEVER stopped loving each other, but she's torn between moving out with him to Indiana or if she should stay at home with her parents and continues doing what she's been doing, now my friend came and asked me for advice I don't know what to tell her, so I'm asking the <a href="">EVE</a> community, 
What should she do?