Why pregnant women are angry

C&G <3 • Whelp we are a comfy family of 4

This is a sarcastic joke kind of post!

Now onto the fun!

But while my dear husband is sleeping soundly (after sleeping late on his day off till 11am from 9pm the night prior) snoring up a storm (he could warn ships from the harbor) on his back just peaceful as can be. I'm going on night 3 of about 2-3hrs of sleep a night if LUCKY! Waking up from the need to pee, the desire to turn from left side to right side, the fog horn beside me and the beauty of my alien deciding night is when he should bounce around and then consequently headbutting my stomach making me vomit spectacularly.

Knowing that I'll not get a day off from the 6am wakeup(m-f) of taking my older monster to school, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and more or the weekend 7am wakeup of military and pt farm fun! This insane hunger but of course no room to fit food into my collapsed stomach. The beauty of aching muscles that ive not used i mean seriously NOT used!!!!!! The expressly worse allergies and horror of peeing with every sneeze (at least there isnt a lot in my collapsed bladder). The glory that shaving is impossible and cutting private parts SUCKS. And for some reason i now cant play some of the video games i love (skyrim) because motion sickness.....I've ridden in tropical storms WTF?!

Of course pregnant dont deserve to be pampered or have maternity leave. Growing a human is NOTHING i mean its so easy and beautiful and wonderful everyone should just bask in the bloated glory of it!

Pregnancy truly is beautiful.