I bid you all adiue

My dear Glow mommas to be, I have chosen to make my exit from this app. My heart cannot take the heartbreaking and devastating stories of miscarriage any longer. I have given this pregnancy to God but am riddled with fear when I see the latest post about a recent miscarriage. There's at least one new post about it the few times I log in each day and some are too horrific for me to handle. I know, 'don't read them, keep on scrolling'....but it's hard not to avoid the caption even. as these posts have the most comments or are the newest. I'm sure many of you can relate to the worry and anxiety of an early loss, but the constant reminder is too much for me. Please be considerate when posting your incredibly sad stories, maybe consider posting the sad news on the pregnancy loss group, they may be able to offer some words of advice or experience, more than us first timers or those who are trying to move past a m/c and not fret about their current pregnancy...we are all afraid to an extent. I sincerely pray for healthy and successful pregnancies for all of us and prayers to those that have experienced loss, but it is my time to exit to the left. Blessings to all of you and I hope to log in sometime in the future and hear about all of the excitement of bouncy squishy little babies 💜💜💜