Pregnant at a young age.

Emily • Never been ashamed of who you are.
I want to be heared so anyone reading this don't jump to conclusions I'm 16 and me and my boyfriend are very very serious about each other hes 19, I don't hang around with people my age as I find them a bit childish I've always town up around adults as my mum had me at 14 now.. I feel kind of bad but honestly I feel like because I have younger siblings and I've looked after them that I feel in a year or a year a a half me and my guy feel ready to have one ourself now I know it sounds bad.. But I truely do feel like that and I want to be a young fit kind of mum I want them to relate to me as I do to my mum, I know I'd get shit for this if I became pregnant but is this really bad? I think I would be ready as I feel it now.