Gestational diabetes rant.

✩Moon Mama✩ • 💑 3/8/11 ♡ 👶 9/6/16

So a little background, I have PCOS. I am insulin resistant. I have been on metformin for six years to help and keep me from developing diabetes.

When I started seeing my current doctor at 15 weeks pregnant, she told me to stop taking it as I "didn't need it anymore." Mind you, metformin is safe in pregnancy and is used to treat gestational diabetes. This morning the office called to tell me I am a candidate for GD and will be needing to test my blood 4+ times a day.

I told them I was insulin resistant and that I was taking metformin to avoid this exact problem! She didn't even say I HAVE GD, she said I was a CANDIDATE for it. Why can't I just go back to taking my medication! She didn't even explain to me how to test my glucose levels, where they should be at or what diet to follow either. The nurse just told me they called the equipment in to the pharmacy with no other explanations except "the hospital will call and make an appointment with you to explain, but you have to start testing four times a day now."

I'm seriously cheesed off. I'm more than happy to change my diet and exercise more, but I don't understand why I have to do this instead of just continuing my medication when it wouldn't have been a problem in the first place if they hadn't had me stop taking it. I don't want to go against the doctor's orders, but I also think they're wrong in how they're choosing to treat this problem.

Would this make you angry? Has anyone had any experience with metformin or GD who can give me some insight or advice? Should I just do as they ask or get a second opinion?