ER scare

This morning my heart started pounding basically out of my chest. This happens fairly often, but passes after 10-15 minutes. Well today, it lasted for over an hour, and seeing as I was at home alone with my 5 year old, DH encouraged me to call 911. The firemen got there first, and my heart rate was 190+ and had been for over an hour. I tried everything I could to get it to go down. So, once the EMTs arrived, they took me and my daughter by ambulance to the hospital. I got there, and it stayed 130+. They tried to page my OB for FIVE HOURS and he never answered. I go to his office tomorrow, and quite honestly I'm a little upset. I'm 38+3 and scheduled for a C-section for next Thursday. The on call DR put me on a beta blocker. I'm just so frustrated. My chest hurts my whole body hurts. I'm so over this guys :(